Tuesday, April 9, 2013

it's a race

While it is important to be on the farm, it is equally important to leave the farm. We have visitors here regularly...just last night! And leaving the farm, doing something not farm related is just as important.

On Monday we had the chance to hear Leigh Barnes, president of Companion Plantings, speak on her design process, her favorite tools, pots and plants. Note scribbling occurred, ideas sprouted.

Leigh's business is that she brings pots and plants to homes and business locations and installs and plants them. In some cases maintains them, but most of the time that is for the owner to do. While she brought small pots to show us, she typically plants in very large containers. The size of a coffee table. Or larger! A few years ago she spoke to our group about holiday containers, and told us the value of using very large pots, that the trees planted in them can survive the winter, as can hardier plants/shrubs, because the water serves as protection.

We ran like crazy to get there. Chicks were picked up at the post office and all chores completed before we departed the farm. We were late, but we made it. And since it is the garden club a lovely luncheon was there waiting for us. And, the best part, such a warm welcome from our former neighbors, such sweetness, on a beautiful day...we are lucky people.

Sometimes, when Claire would be at work waitressing at Atwaters, groups of women would stop in to eat and request her as their server. Such regal women would always cause a coworker to ask Claire who are they, how do you know them?! Without looking, Claire would know they were our garden club.

As Homer and I drove through our old neighborhood, he commented on just how beautiful it is...right now all the spring flowers and some of the trees...are in gorgeous bloom. There is nothing like spring where the layers of trees, rhododendrons, azaleas, tulips, daffodil, crocus...the succession of spring ephemerals is breath taking.

It might be warm year round in other parts of the world, but the cold winters here mean an eye popping spring. The Wiltondale neighborhood was in all it's spring splendor yesterday: mild air, no humidity, sunny and gardens of envious beauty.

And we arrived home to a catalog of spring bulbs in the mail. So many options!

And a note to self, next spring our field trip could maybe be to Leigh's back yard. It is an amazing garden!

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