Thursday, April 4, 2013

inside the hoophouse

Inside the hoophouse it looks pretty empty. The beds that we harvested from all winter have mostly been emptied, only spinach and kale are left now.

What is in there now does not yet appear in a picture. The first 4 weeks of the CSA shares are in there, the first batch of seeds planted 4 weeks ago. While the unheated hoophouse protects the seedlings from the wind, it does not protect from night time temperatures below freezing, so the growth is slow. But steady, we see it!

And the snow peas are sprouting and popping! These are days where it seems like the peas expand every day. With nighttime temperatures above freezing for the next week, everything in here will grow quickly.

Next week the seeds will go in beds outside. The pigs cleared them months ago, and compost will be spread, and then in they go! At first they will get floating row covers for protection.

And under cover are tomato, eggplant and pepper seedlings. Cold nighttime temperatures will kill them so they get extra protection. Soon we will set them out.

And a broccoli raab left in the bed flowered...and bumble bees are all over it, inside our not airtight hoophouse.

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