Saturday, April 13, 2013

12+ acres

We live on land where others lived before us. Here for 4 years, we have worked to reduce ticks, poison ivy, multiflora rose and plain old trash here on the farm. We have cleared out and added a top to the hoophouse, planted and harvested in and around it. Dug in water supply lines. A south facing room off of the hoophouse, where sunny winter days are delightful. Swings, a little duck pond, a grove of blueberries, a bed of asparagus, fencing of the entire property, a couple dozen mobile pens, a commercial kitchen, grain bin, compost bins, smoker, giant cement table, gates, signs...

And then spring arrives each year. And there, in the field, next to a rock almost at the crest of a hill, a few daffodils bloom.

And we wonder: why this spot, on this entire 12+ acres. For us, there is nothing there. No wind break, no foundation, just one clump, all by itself. Who put it there, why was that spot selected, what used to be there?

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