Saturday, March 23, 2013

what's working?!

Homer is the kind of guy that reuses anything, no matter what the original design and use.

When we met, I lived in a house with a monkey ball tree in the back yard. It was a very healthy and very large tree that produced millions of those spiky orbs.

I raked them up and filled garbage cans every year. Homer looked around, declared there had to be a better way, and quickly scooped the millions up with the snow shovel. And then we went roller skating.

Now, wherever we go, he looks at things and considers other uses for everyday items. We plant weekly, grow laying hens, broilers, pigs and cattle and are always looking for ways get all of the work done faster and using fewer fossil fuels.

A couple of recent ones that like the snow shovel help get things done so that we can go and roller skate.

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