Wednesday, March 27, 2013

things we love to see

Dark, rich, fluffy soil. As we transfer the compost from the huge pile in the parking lot to the planting beds, the look is beautiful.

Homer loves a finished raised bed. Every year we have more of them, buying lumber from a local mill that delivers...16 foot 2x4's don't fit into our trucks...and then positioning in place. In just a few weeks the wood will be hidden by the growing plants.

The cilantro lasted all through the winter inside the hoophouse. Replanted at the end of each row, it will grow out and be distributed to our CSA members over the season.

One of our piglets took a field trip. He went to visit a classroom, as part of a session on learning about farming. We are betting the kids will remember the parent that brought the pig for a visit as the coolest mom...ever...

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