Friday, March 22, 2013


It is officially spring!

On farms around here it is also known as mud season. As the temperature of the air and the ground shifts mud can appear in no time.

It was sideways snowing yesterday. That produces plenty of moisture, along with overcast conditions that cause snow to melt, rain to fall and ground to get soggy.

Under the pens the laying hens live in it an be quite a mess. This picture shows where all the pens had been, and the amount of ground torn up a churned into mud.

Those girls are so happy to move from spots like that onto spots where there is grass. The original thatcher, with a dose of nitrogen along with it, chickens transform the ground beneath their feet.

Grass will jump up from these spots in the next few weeks. A few more weeks and the grass will be to high to move the pens. Then cattle will need to get onto that section and eat the grass down so that pens can roll over it again.

Pasture management. It's what we do.

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