Saturday, March 16, 2013


Can you see them? Peppers all over, finally warm enough to make them pop out of the soil. The entire plant grows and grows until it finally produces bell and bull nose peppers. Only one hot pepper so far this year: the Espellete, a medium heat chili from the Basque region of France.

The bell and bull nose this year are red, green, chocolate, purple, gold and yellow. The flavors and shapes are a little different one from the other, and will be beautiful all together.

In Maryland it is spring break at most schools. At 8 weeks prior to frost free date, it feels like no coincidence. It is another week or two later as we go further north in Pennsylvania, and that makes so much sense too. Now is the time many things can go into the ground. There are an entire class of vegetables that go in "as soon as the ground can be worked", which is now, as both day and night time temperatures are not cold enough to leave the ground frozen. It is workable, which would mean all hands on deck, including the kids!

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