Friday, March 29, 2013


One of the headlights in the truck burned out. A quick bit of research shows that the fine for driving in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania exceeds $100...depending on the jurisdiction. Not a price we want to pay.

I was out the other evening. Driving home in the dark, I hoped that sequestration was keeping the number of police officers on patrol to a minimum, and that the few working have more important issues to deal with.

Last night we attended the awards ceremony for the Carbon Challenge, a design challenge for row houses in Baltimore. Homer submitted a design, I learned to work the software that calculated the carbon footprint of each of the materials used in construction. Fun to see the designs and speak with people there: everyone else had lots of letters following their names, as well as firm names of long standing architecture groups in the area.

Not wanting to take the chance of a ticket in two states, Homer popped the hood and replaced the bulb. Then slept the entire way home while I drove. Total cost, about $5.

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