Friday, March 1, 2013

not sticky enough

I just had to add one more thing to the honey-do list. It is probably long enough already, but this one could not be helped.

It is the first of March, which means last night was the end of February. At the beginning of the month I sent in for the new sticker for the truck tag, and it was sent promptly.

And then sat around. I ran it out the other day, removed the backing and stuck it on. The sticker promptly fell off and into my hand. Placed it back in position, this time working to hold it in place. It fell back in my hand.

Book group last night, and the knowledge that return to the farm had to be before midnight when the tag expired. Made it, just under the wire.

And Homer has an addition to the honey-do list. He tells me I needed to wipe the dirt off of the old sticker for the new one to stick. Yeah, the entire truck could use a good wash. And it is not leaving the farm until it gets a good sticking.

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