Monday, March 11, 2013

first planting!

Today the first seeds for 2013 vegetable CSA seeds were sown. That means it in the ground and covered with soil.

In 8-9 weeks we begin distribution. Every week for the next 6 months some seeds will go in: more when we hit the frost free date, because then it is safe to put in all of the temperature sensitive vegetables.

We track the varieties. While we say we grow lettuce, we really grow a dozen varieties, from small bright green heads to larger romaines, loose leafs, Bibb, deer tongue, speckled and red. Same with potatoes, tomatoes and everything else.

Today's list:

East Hoop House Jan 20, 2013

1) Brooder
2) Brooder
3) Seedling Dome
4) Seedling Dome
5 swis Chard
6 A Rainbow Chard
B Beets striped
7 Leeks
8 Carrots Danvers
9A Spinach
B Carrots scarlet Nanties
10A Drunken Woman
B Batavian Crisphead
D Winter Density

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