Thursday, March 28, 2013

A tweet this morning prompted this post. And a trip to York yesterday to listen to a conversation about climate change.

We are goofy farmers. We want to feed our poultry GMO free feed. We don't feed our cattle any grain. Our pigs eat food waste, not commercial feed.

There is no barn on our farm.

We use mobile pens or electric fence for our livestock. They move to new spots on a regular basis.

This is done to move them off of their own waste. Things that we, as humans, have learned about living right on top of your own, raw waste: it makes you sick, in a variety of ways.

As a result of all this moving, we don't administer antibiotics to our livestock. They are healthy because they get to eat what grows in our pastures (and because of all this moving about 4 times as much stuff grows) and their waste has a chance to decompose. Worms and dung beetles break up the animal waste. Cattle, named as producers of methane, have a different chemical composition to their gas when grass fed.

A study, conducted in Europe, points to the transfer of antibiotic resistance in meat to humans. Mapped by genomes. Results published in New York Times on 3/27/13. We heard a doctor from Hopkins in 2006 who had conducted preliminary research on this: now, with genome mapping, cause and effect can be seen. We will keep farming the way we do.

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