Sunday, March 24, 2013

8 weeks

Nighttime temperatures will be warm in about 8 weeks. Farmers balance between putting seeds in the ground and having those seeds freeze or rot or sprout and grow. And the crow likes them too.

We use the hoophouse to be able to start the season a little early. Each week we clear and plant beds, installing what will be eaten about 8 weeks later. The next 2 weeks will fill these just empty beds (after emptying out broccolini, kale and collards...and a few weeds too) and then planting outside commences. And in here go the tomato plants, now sprouting in warm spots all over the farm!

Peas in yesterday and earlier in the week. Potatoes too. The second batch of chickens will be here tomorrow, the brooders are clear and waiting for them.

Also: the grain bin needs to be modified and set in place.

Turkey polts next week.

All of the wire frames hanging from the ceiling of the hoophouse get pulled down and placed around the tomatoes.

It is getting to be time where farmers can't leave the farm!

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