Wednesday, March 20, 2013

13 years!

We were married 13 years ago today. We went to the courthouse and got hitched!

We lived in a house on a city lot, and together we moved to a house that had a double sized garage and a room that was a separate office, so that we could each have a place to work.

Then, the desire for better chicken and eggs hit us. After trying those we wanted better beef, pork and vegetables. And fruit too! And Thanksgiving turkey! And dairy products and grains...

So here we are on our farm, offering what we grow. Loving it.

The traditional anniversary gift for 13 years of marriage is lace. The contemporary gift is leather or fur.

We will combine our work with the traditional gift, and give each other some additional laying hens. The Silver Laced Wyandotte. Each feather is black trimmed in white, the girls are good sized (about 6 pounds) and are beautiful with their two toned look. We will get a flock of 26, 2 for each year of marriage. They lay a lighter brown egg. Look for those eggs in cartons next September!

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