Thursday, February 14, 2013


Paper bags decorated with cutouts, crayons, names, hearts. Then filled up with valentines cards. That's what I remember from being a kid: cupcakes, a little drink, a little heart shaped candy. At school, after writing every name on each envelope, signing and slipping the valentine in.

Kids still do this, it is obvious. My Facebook feed has pictures of many children and their handiwork. I remember the kids in our house working up their valentines to be ready for the big day. And then not so much: some schools don't allow time for Halloween or valentines day anymore. Too busy for it, some kids don't have, blah blah.

We don't make a huge deal here. Time is taken to acknowledge just how lovely it is to love and be loved and then it is time to complete the chores, get eggs packed, make deliveries, get the work of life done.

I am a lucky woman to live the life I do. I am overjoyed to have this time, here, now. We have lost friends and family and remain happy to have health, strength, creativity, ideas and the ability to have just what we want. How amazing is that? The idea that contentment is here today and a choice we make each day. Happy to have the opportunity, to live in a country that allows us the chance to do this. Life is grand, happy valentines day and love to you.

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