Saturday, February 2, 2013

the dog is like a cat

Recently my Facebook feed has people posting an infographic of where a dog vs. where a cat can be touched. The cat zones are the zones our dog allows, not the dog zones. If left loose in the house for too long she will poop in our bed, just to let us know she is mad. She weighs about the same as a cat. From a standing position, without a running start, she can jump the fence.

She is startling cat like in her ability to go after rodents. Maybe cars dig in the ground to get to the voles and such...I don't know, I've never seen a cat do that.

But the dog will get onto the scent of a rodent and she refuses to quit until she gets it. And she does so all day long, every day. Well, not if it is really cold out since she hates the cold, but most days.

Here she is with a recent catch. There are cats on the farm too, probably catching rodents too, but they will not let us near them and they certainly never come to us when we call them.

Our Jack Russell is almost 11 years old. When she was younger she must have bounced off the walls, because she still does in most days.

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