Saturday, February 16, 2013


We don't have a tractor and we want it that way. Yesterday there was work being done close by, and the noise of the equipment was not a bit fun. I just don't have the desire to ride around on equipment that makes that kind of noise!

So we move the pens ourself. At this time of year there are just laying hens in the pens, and the pens get moved frequently.

They are always inside the pen. This past year there were many predators on and around our property, for a time there was a pair of bald eagles, at either end of the stand of trees that crosses the back of the farm. If a chicken got out the two of them immediately got it. Hawks, kestrels and owls too. For the protection of the bird they are kept under cover.

Yesterday, hens ran to meet us. Never a good sign, and a real sense of panic occurs when this happens. Pen inspection shows they are all still full, the handful of hens appear to be all that escaped. Searching for the spot they escapes, a perfectly oval hole in a section of chicken wire was discovered. A head scratcher. No signs of any birds had to have just

Feed goes down. The birds run to it, jump back in the hole. A section of wire is located for a patch. And the discovery is made: one of the cows has their head straight through the hole, eating the grain on the ground. Not certain how a cow worked chicken wire that hard to wear a hole in it...they only have a few front teeth...impressive. The patch is installed and will stay in place.

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