Sunday, February 3, 2013


Claire provides tech support for Sunnyside Farm. She visits on breaks from school, sets up things so we have automatic recovery of data on our desktop, can watch movies at a reduced price on our tv, and makes certain everything is backed up, cleaned up and straightened out until her next visit.

I needed to scan something the other day. A document required for some (in my mind) ridiculous reason. We don't keep a fax phone line because it is an unnecessary thing anymore: just scan, name the file, attach and send.

Except. Remembering how to scan. Have not done it in a year, and it seems Claire was here and took care of it.

We text. I want her to remember, to just walk me through it. I push buttons on the machine and get a "fail" message. Aw hell. Isn't this supposed to simply my life?!

When all else fails read the manual. And it is a simple, 2 step process once I locate the needed instructions. Sometimes, when it looks hard, I just want someone else to do it for me. And then, when I do it I got this. Swagger.

I still miss my girl. Glad she has a life and is doing work she loves. Awesome to see her in the world. Because there are somethings the instruction manual just does not do.

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