Wednesday, February 6, 2013

getting ready

It is not quite time yet. But it is getting close.

The daylight is returning, the days are lengthening. We made it through the couple weeks of bitter cold night and day temperatures and are back to the hovering around freezing at night temperatures.

We make a lot of compost here, but not yet enough. Our annual delivery arrived the other day. Homer set up the seed trays in the hoophouse: space for 500 more seedlings to get started. The broccoli is already growing nicely, as are the garlic and the leeks. Seed potatoes arrive in March. 500 seeds will go in here soon: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants. 5 eggplant varieties, 12 tomato, 14 pepper if you count sweet, bullnose and hot.

Last night we had collards for dinner. It is amazing what my sight memory tells me cooked greens will taste, and how they actually taste. Sweet, tender, still a bit crisp sautéed with garlic: just a whole lot of yum.

Potatoes and pork chops too. But the collards are off the charts.

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