Thursday, February 28, 2013

c'mon girls

A beautiful afternoon yesterday. Blue skies, white puffy clouds, 50 degrees kind of lovely afternoon.

I had some errands to run, which included an animated conversation with a locavore chef, my favorite kind of person, a lover of good food and one who understands cause and effect of every step of growing.

Back on the farm straightening up and I see birds running. At first it looks like crows but then...there are birds of different's our baby hen flock! Jump into boots and a heavier coat, run through the mud, coax them all back into the pen with a bit of corn. The sun is setting, at an amazingly quick pace, run some more to check if there are any more eggs.

Tons! These girls are happy and healthy and producing like crazy. It has only been a few hours since the last egg collection so it is astonishing to find so many more! In haste to get the pullets back in their pen I forgot to grab a basket. There are only funky buckets and these eggs are just like the day: clean, dry, warm and I can't carry so many in my hands.

Coat off, jacket improvised as an egg basket. A beautiful 5 dozen eggs. I return to the house as the sun is gone and the sky goes black. A bit of time like this makes up for the ugliness of the last few, freezing/sleety days.

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