Thursday, January 24, 2013

solid steel

A few years ago Homer was sitting at a red light, and a young man in the car behind him drove into him. He was also at a stop, but decided to jump the light and *bam hit the bumper.

Not much damage. To Homer's truck. The car that hit him kinda crumpled. A little crack in the bumper, a slight loosening of the trailer hitch. No worries. The kid was upset, scared of the consequences for him...he was issued a ticket and had quite a bit of repair work needed to the front end of his car.

But now we haul livestock. In a trailer attached to that bumper. It got a little looser...and we had visions of ugly things happening as we drive across the always under construction roads between the farm and the butcher. Livestock on the highway...mayhem.

A simple repair today. A plate of solid steel. The hitch cut off and a solid hookup is ours.

Even better: Homer returned to the farm and both the cattle that need to get in the trailer were in the trailer. All he had to do was slide the gate shut.

Safe and secure. Frozen ground, not a sea of mud. Tax reports completed. Now, if the tractor trailer of compost delivery will get to the farm while everything is solid and the rig can get back to the hoophouse...and it does not need to be transported one truckload at a time...well, farmers can dream!

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