Tuesday, January 22, 2013

no photos

We chronicle our lives here on the farm using our iPhones. We snap pictures all day long, and use them for this blog, for Facebook, for sending to family and friends.

This week it is bitter cold. Low of 10 tonight, high of 18 tomorrow. And the same the rest of this week, with the added bonus of accumulated snow on Friday.

A friend called to ask about their chickens...seemed they lost one overnight, it was frozen to the ground. It is just so cold that the livestock must flock together to keep each other warm. And so do the farmers!

We are not able to use the iPhones for photos on days this cold. There is a point where the phones just refuse to operate, and we have hit it.

In the summer we are broiling, the heat can make it hard to breath for a week or two at the worst.now we are at the opposite end of the spectrum, where we don multiplier layers of everything, including gloves and hats. And turning the oven on to bake...anything...to help warm up.

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