Wednesday, January 2, 2013

bike helmet

We have had a lovely season of celebrations. A wedding, solstice celebration, Christmas parties, New Years. Along with festivities have been interesting planning meetings, offers of conventional funding of Homer's ideas, solutions to housing, home heating, food chains: the ideas are flowing on a regular and frequent basis.

Yesterday we had a chance to catch up with a friend we have known for years. We had heard she had been injured in an accident, and we were so happy to see here up and about.

It turns out that she is the third person we know who was hit by a car while riding a bike. The third person to suffer some serious bone crushing that required extensive time at a trauma center, followed by lengthy physical rehab.

Also the third person wearing a bike helmet. None of the 3 we know suffered any brain or spine damage. Each of the 3 attribute this to the bike helmet they were wearing.

Wear one. Get it properly fitted. Please don't get on your bike without it.

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