Wednesday, December 19, 2012

per acre

Friends asked if we could host a student for a couple weeks: during the between semester break. Sure, if that student is ready for farm living!

Our student arrived yesterday. TJ will spend little time here, as there are outings and trips scheduled every other day with the group of students visiting the area.

He is studying in Georgia. And originally from Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is, by any standard, a mega city: more than 10 million people. 45,000 per square mile.

On the farm, it is 3 people per 13 acres. Today, we expect a couple of visitors which will ratchet that up to 4 per per 13 acres. TJ had a chance to meet our milk cow. He also requested to sleep past 6am. He might just be a tad freaked out at how much of nothing there is here :).

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