Friday, December 28, 2012


Our milk cow is one patient cow. Unlike the dog, she will let everyone pet her and even adorn her with holiday she is doing an imitation of one of Santa's reindeer.

She has been feeding 2 calves for months now. Things have slowed down on the farm enough that we have milked her a few times, and have spent time studying up on cheese. It appears to be simple, and year incredibly complex. Correctly done it yields beautiful soft, semi soft and aged cheeses that are a delight to consume: mix takes yield stinky and disgusting messes that even the pigs will not eat.

Homer has begun to separate Sybil from the herd at night on a more regular basis. The calves still milk her when he can't, but when he can it is experiment time here! Sybil is patient and kind with us, and as she takes care of the rest of the herd, guiding them around the farm, keeping them marching across the field in a straight row, so that they are all together and miss little, she is teaching us too. No cold hands there Homer.

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