Friday, November 30, 2012

rifle season

It is rifle season. It was bow season, but we have moved onto rifle season.

Deer are everywhere. While they don't usually come onto our fenced property, they are all around, moving all night and sometimes during the day too. Homer has spotted hunters on the hill behind our property.

There are laws about hunting, when, where, distance from private homes. Our Jersey cattle have the same coloring as deer, and from a distance can be difficult to distinguish. The pigs can also be mistaken for deer..,movement in the grass can catch attention, and from a ways away mistakes can be made.

The cattle herd is right next to the house. We want them right near us, right by us in an effort to prevent mistakes.

The pigs are in their pens and we really don't want them to escape. A new shelter for the breeding pair, tons of stuff to clear for the next pair, locations closer rather than further away. Keep it together out there hunters, know where your bullets are going. We appreciate venison as much as anyone else, and appreciate the farmer and our livestock...more, so please watch where you point that thing, and think before you squeeze the trigger.

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