Friday, November 9, 2012

more cleaning, and sweating

It has been freezing overnight a couple of times now. Not just a frost, but a sustained freeze. A few weeks ago the rain barrels were emptied, the rain gutter removed, the barrels moved aside. Last weekend the barrels were stacked in their winter home, away from the hoophouse and out of the wind.

Last week was the end of the vegetable CSA. The egg CSA ended a few weeks prior. The last of the broilers are on the field, and will be distributed next week or the week after, when they are large enough. The vegetable share boxes will not be needed until next year, so they were cleaned and stacked out of the way.

I went to Tractor Supply to get winter water troughs for all the poultry pens. Homer sent me this picture so that I would know what size to get. These are winter troughs because when it is below freezing this tubs can be banged on the ground and the ice cube pops out, and the trough does not crack. Water is available again for the birds, until it turns into an ice cube. Then repeat.

While checking out, the cashier asked if I wanted a 50 pound bag of lime for $.25. Yes, I'll take one. By the time I had walked to the truck I realized I wanted every bag they had, and returned to the store and spent $1.75. On an item that usually is $8 per bag. Midweek, we need to make room for driveway salt shopping. Gotta love it.

It was 37 degrees out doors, and the temperature in Homer's man cave said this.
Not quite cold enough for reptiles to be in complete hibernation yet. They are still doing their mouse chasing thing.

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