Saturday, November 17, 2012

hot water

We live in a house with a cellar. Not really a basement: it is rough, ugly, damp, scary. Not ever going to be living space, unless you are a cricket.

There are 3 big tanks down there, holding 900 gallons of water. So we don't run out. A wide assortment of processing equipment, filtering, changing the chemistry of the water.

The other day the hot water tank blew. We had it replaced, and now the basement is dry. All dry. Looks like the water tank has been leaking for a while. Probably should have paid attention earlier. I've lived in other homes, never had this experience.

Our last electric bill was ridiculous. High, expensive. But it was the first that was an actual reading in a few months, so we thought the estimates were off. But now, maybe heating hot water that was going to the basement floor and slowly down the drain might explain that last awful bill.

Here's hoping

and a pledge to pay better attention to the hot water tank in the future, the floor of the basement, and the warranty date on the thing. We just missed this one!

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