Saturday, November 3, 2012

fighting Toms

We bring day old turkey polts onto the farm in the spring, when there is still a chill in the air. They are tiny and fragile: and since we give them water and grains but no antibiotics or anything else we don't want to consume indirectly, we lose a good percentage of them. It is discouraging in the first week how many we lose. After that it turns into a whole different experience, as they become very resilient and strong.

As the months progress another thing happens. They turn into mature adults, and the Toms begin to do what fellas are sometimes known for doing: fighting for no reason. Just to prove who is the biggest one of all.

That is where we are now with our birds. They are big, strong and numerous. These 2 were fighting in the pen the other day and were removed. One will go into the freezer, and one will be delivered for an early turkey prep this week. Why? Because they will fight each other until one is dead, and who needs that?!

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