Sunday, November 11, 2012

don't touch

Every person who visits hears the same words from us, "don't touch the dog". Hard for people to believe that such a cute, lively little dog could turn into a rattlesnake, but she does. We are asked why we keep such a mean little girl, and we remind people that she never randomly goes after people...that it is when a person reaches out to touch her that she snaps. She is not an attack dog, she does not want to have her space invaded.

And why do we keep her? All day long, every day, she patrols the farm.  She alerts us when things are here that should not be. A few weeks ago she woke us up in the middle of the night and when Homer let her out she ran full speed away from the house, came back and got him...and when he went out to check, there was a fox coming around the back side of the hoophouse.

If a piece of wood, a cardboard box, a burn barrel...anything solid...goes on the ground a rodent will nest under it. The dog will search and get them every day, without training, with just a bit of encouragement. She does have a high kill instinct, a strong drive to be outdoors, tracking and catching rodents. Every family farm had a dog like this. She is really a one person dog, Homer's dog, she tolerates me but is always in Homer's vicinity no matter where he is. And then she does things like this. She will be 11 in March, but from her level of activity and agility you would never know it.

She lives the life of the dog she was bred to be.

And she has enough sense to avoid both the trap and what is in it.

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