Sunday, November 4, 2012

clearing okra

We had a frost a little bit ago, and it killed the okra dead. The day before the plants were 5 feet tall, covered in leaves, flowers and tiny okra pods that we had not picked. The day after the frost the stalks were there and every other part of the plant was mushy and no longer green.

I worked and pulled up 2 stalks from the ground. Giant root balls, very hard to budge. Homer pulled up one, and then began aiming the pigs in the direction of the bed. And the pigs, in less than a day (moved twice yesterday) dug up every single root ball, ate the top half of the plant and left an easy to pick up, much lighter weight root ball to clear. Here is the bed after they uprooted.

Next to this bed are collards, they don't seem to mind the cold too much. And here, after Homer raked the bed out, just a few minutes work.

All ready for the next planting.

One thing that never gets eaten on the farm: nightshade. No cattle, pig, chicken, turkey, duck or goose ever eats this. We wonder why it was put on earth, or on our farm. And hope the rabbit or the groundhog browse on this over the winter.

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