Tuesday, October 16, 2012

work days

There are work days and then there are work days on the farm. Everyday we move, water and feed livestock. We check them a few more times a day to make certain all is ok, just a quick wall by to make certain water is available and all are where they are supposed to be. Planting, weeding, harvesting.

And then there are work days where tools come out. On Saturday Homer had assistance from some local students in preparing the hoophouse for winter. Since if froze on Friday night lots of plant growth died back. Not the weeds of course: they survive everything!

The rain gutters down, the rain barrels out, the grass scythed where pigs have not been, the wiggle wire and plastic back up.

The hoophouse had a vented roof. But it is a very large structure, and Homer removed that potion because regular climbs to the peak of they hoophouse (about 16 feet) is not to his liking. With just a layer of plastic between him and the ground with the ladder fully extended it makes total sense to me. So the sides get pulled on and reattached with the seasons.

Tools are needed, valuable and easily lost. Drill bits have a way of becoming unattached, flying where you are not looking and ending up where a pig or cow might eat them. Not the goal. So to have a work day where all tools, parts, bits, gloves and fingers and toes are accounted for is always good. Mission accomplished on Saturday.

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