Thursday, October 18, 2012

Symphony of the Soil

We picked, packed, chores done, went to deliver yesterday. Homer had a dentist appointment. So off we went.

There was also a screening of the film Symphony of the Soil. A beautiful and thoughtful film: the first part a good summary of the types of soil around the globe and then a terrific overview of the types of farming and scientists responses to them. Even our favorite insect, the dung beetle, gets a shout out!

The director of the movie was there to introduce the film and to take questions after. From San Francisco, she has made a number of movies in the last decades. It shows, as this was a well done film.

All the people we read, study and watch are in it. Many people who have gone no tillage, chemical free were featured, showing techniques that marry old knowledge with scientific discoveries. It was well worth a late night for these farmers!

Now, Deborah Koons Garcia needs to turn her skill and knowledge to the bugs that populate a chemical free farm, and find the connections between our food, the bugs, and productivity and health. Homer and I know a thimbleful, and we need someone with resources to visit all of the scientists and summarize as beautifully as was done with the topic of soil. Onto the bugs and how we need them for truly vibrant food, open pollinated, fertile food!

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