Thursday, October 25, 2012

sunshine girls

In an effort to keep egg production going as long as possible, the pens are getting a redesign.

While the hens hate to get rained and snowed on, and the winter winds are truly no fun, they, like Homer and I, love sunshine. We all do better with the maximum amount of sunshine possible. But how to keep them cool enough, out of the gale forces and yet able to absorb as much daylight as exists?

Still screened from end to end and side to side...because the predators never let up. The ends will not have plastic because air needs to move on those sunny days. And the hens that just came to us...the ones with half beaks and gnarled feet from not having roosts...are tearing up the grass and hopping right up onto roosts. Time will tell if their feet even out.

When nest boxes were added to the end of the pen the hens jumped right in and started laying eggs. The previous owner said she wanted to get rid of them because they had stopped laying. No one told this gal...

The straw was barely in when she got in and left a beautiful egg in there!

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