Sunday, October 14, 2012

sides up!

It hit freezing the other night. The okra, tomatoes and basil are now spiny slime.

The temperatures are scheduled to be warmer through this week, but winter is coming. The rest of the rain barrels were emptied, and the dog did her job as the barrels and the stands beneath them were moved: rodent patrol. Without and training she is on full alert, doing what Jack Russell's were bred to do. The rain gutters removed and into storage.

Then the sides are reinstalled on the hoophouse, and the temperature rises inside immediately. Sunshine and wind blockage are an amazing combination. In the summer it makes for sweltering conditions but in the is a tropical paradise. A total and complete relief from winter doldrums. A chance to get warm all the way to your boned.

Lots of plants love it too. Greens of all kinds go in as the heat loving plants whither away. Lunches plucked fresh will happen out there.

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