Tuesday, October 30, 2012

post Sandy

We never really lost power. The lights flickered a few times and came right back on. Homer had cleared the vines off the electric fence earlier in the week, and had cleaned out the gutters on the house, so both electricity and water was flowing all day and night.

The wind blew and did a bit of damage. Our house is fine, but Homer's home made propeller not so much.

The cattle, even the calves, don't mind this type of weather at all. Those leather coats help.
The pigs, natural pond builders, don't have quite as much lounging space as they did a few days ago.

We are always concerned about the hoophouse cover and high winds. It is just a layer of plastic and while it would seem that high winds would shred the thing, it has withstood every storm since installed.

Chickens do not fare well in weather like this. A combination of extended wet and chill does not do well for birds. While the turkeys were ok, there were losses in both the egg layer and broiler flocks. No where near as many losses as a year ago with the snowstorm we had then, so comparatively the flocks fared much better this year. It would help if the sun came out soon so we could all dry out, but it looks like a couple more days before that happens.

The ducks are happiest, as they can swim almost the entire property.

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