Sunday, October 21, 2012


Farm changes happen when the time is right. When there is the right energy, work load, cash flow.

After visiting an aqua phonics setup we wondered about growing and feeding fish. A chef posted about fishing for yellow perch in Lake Erie. Hours north of here, in a colder zone. Maybe not the cleanest water.

Can we replicate those conditions and keep fish alive, even grow them to eating size? Can we grow something to feed them right here on the farm?

While our conditions are certainly not optimal, the barrel cost us $12. The setups we have seen cost $15,000 and up.

Time will tell. The goldfish that went in there earlier this year look good sized. The nutrients cleaned from them have been recycled on the farm. For a less than $100 investment it is certainly worth a try!

While out and about Sandi helped get the truck loaded up. Straw is always needed.

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