Wednesday, October 31, 2012

mice, cats and dogs

Mice. They are everywhere it seems. Every house I have ever lived in has mice in it at sometime or another. We set up old school snap traps, bait them, and hope to catch one in there.

We don't have cats because Claire is deathly allergic to them. With allergy induced asthma only to cats, there is no reason to have one or more in the house. My dearest friend from preteen years is also allergic. And I don't really like cats.

3 arrived on the farm a few years ago. Ladies who had worked to rehabilitate feral cats came to the conclusion that it was, in fact, impossible to get these 3 to tolerate human contact. A perfect match for us. Rarely seen, but when sightings occur the cats are on the hunt.

Then it was decided to add to our mouse fighting arsenal. We got the Jack Russell, Sandi, who with zero training arrived on the farm, starting taking care of our mouse population within a week, and has not stopped since. She is always on the hunt.

Last night a mouse was in the living room. At the same time we were. Gross, I know. And Sandi, the bad ass dog? Caught it and got it right there in front of us. My goodness what a heart thumper that is to witness!

And later, in the chilly bedroom...the temperatures are dropping, and our heat is anything but efficient in this house...she gets wrapped up in her blanket like the mouse catching queen she is. What is amazing is that she stays wrapped up in her covers all night.

No, she does not sleep with us. On the hunt all day long, and sometimes in the living room too, she is a stinky thing, the last thing I want in my bed. Other than a cat.

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