Saturday, October 20, 2012


We have never grown enough garlic. Of the 26 weeks of CSA distribution we give out garlic for 7 or 8 weeks. It has looked like a massive amount to us when it is going into the ground but it is not enough. We use 2 heads of garlic each week, year round. Our CSA customers might not need quite that much, but we are still aiming for a head of garlic in each share per week. That is 1,000+ heads of garlic for our 40 share CSA.

Seed garlic looks just like what you buy to use in cooking. It has no growth inhibitors applied, so that each clove can be separated, planted and can sprout and eventually grow into a head of garlic.

The toughest part is breaking up the cloves. They are tough, firmly attached to each other and a challenge to split up. The papery shells of the garlic are everywhere, as the cloves come apart the paper goes everywhere.

Then each of those 1,000+ goes into a hole, is closed up and the top dressed. We are always testing the placement and distance between what we plant and grow, and are always working to close the gap...but trying not to end up so close that plantings do not grow properly.

Garlic grows all winter. When spring arrives it grows like crazy, and we pull it and use it fresh, without curing/drying. Come on spring!

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