Monday, October 29, 2012

garlic withstands hurricane

Tons of rain, gale force winds. That is what is on tap for the next few days. Our gutters have been cleared of the debris that clogs when surrounded by trees, the garage is full of what is usually outdoors, and we have ground our coffee beans in case the power goes out: because we can always heat water up with a camp stove, but grinding beans would be tougher. And coffee is essential even if the power goes out, every retail location shuts down, and the National Guard arrives. I still need coffee.

And the garlic is growing in spite of all this. The first bed planted is already showing green shoots. We are dreaming of fresh garlic next year as we hunker down this fall. almost 50 pounds of garlic in the ground...if anything happens to us, someone make certain it gets harvested next year. Along with the asparagus and blueberries.

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