Friday, October 12, 2012

baseball and gardens

Yesterday Homer and I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for a new baseball park at the Boys and Girls Club in Harrisburg. About 15 minutes from the house (as long as there is no traffic backups!) we were able to get chores done and still get to the farmers market.

The ball field is a joint effort: the Cal Ripken Sr Foundation, the city of Harrisburg, the chair of Ollie's philanthropy, the group that built MLB and NFL parks throughout the country are partnering to bring this facility to the Boys and Girls Club. Just up the hill from this site are hoophouses that Harrisburg's "Get Dirty" group have installed, growing beds are also there. Food being grown. A lovely hour of dedication, shovels of dirt, revealing of plans, and officials from every group involved. And kids too!

When it was over, Homer went and asked Bill Ripken, representing his fathers foundation and "Pistol Pete" representing the design/construction crew, where the tomatoes were going.

Cal Sr. was the 3rd base coach for the Baltimore Orioles. Earl Weaver was head coach. At the stadium there was a spot where tomatoes were always planted, every year. Seems appropriate to have a spot here in Harrisburg: Ollie's sells all the planting gear needed, there is space there, we always have extra plants early in the season, plants that will take over and engulf those hoophouse, and produce the best tomatoes ever!

Bill and Pete jumped up and told Homer "We were just talking about that! We think it should be up there, look, something is already happening!".

We see vegetables, flowers, dirt, hoops and it gives us hope. Ball parks too, the more kids can do that keep them outside, learning, working, digging the ball or digging the dirt, the better.

Here's Bill, talking about his folks and the Boys Club of Aberdeen. Homer grew up getting to the Boys Club whenever possible, lots he loved to do there. We are glad to see they are still going, still growing. We all need them.

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