Monday, September 24, 2012

soil building

If you speak to a geologist they will tell you, with certainty, how soil is formed. From the perspective of a geologist, centuries are involved, wearing down of rocks, some times a glacier visits and grinds things up a tad quicker.

As farmers, we have a simple way to build soil. We work hard to make every inch of the ground attractive to earthworms and dung beetles and other burrowing bugs.

We move animals all over, in small concentrated groups, leaving each chunk of earth for a good while before bringing the livestock back over.

And little by little: but noticeable, the soil grows. Not technically soil by the standards of a geologist. But deepening of material that helps place our brand of soil: broken down animal poop right where we want it. Building up our not really soil by geology standards but most certainly by farmer standards.

Behold, worm castings. Extra soil.

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