Friday, September 14, 2012

home made bacon

We had a pig butchered a few weeks ago. Usually we have it broken down into parts, but this one was just split into 2 sides.

We got them back to the farm and Homer cut it up. Since this is only for our consumption (not for sale to anyone else) he is okay to piece out the pork.

The part that is used for bacon was cut into smaller sections and wrapped in freezer paper in about one pound chunks. This is the second batch he has made, the first batch was awesome and we expect the second batch will be too.

The slices are cut, honey poured over, spices added, then covered and allowed to rest for a few days. We can barely wait the few days, anxious to eat again.

It could also be put on the smoker, but we have not yet taken the time to do so. As things slow down on the farm and there are fewer chickens to care for we should be able to smoke a bit of this, but for now eating with just the marinade is a real treat!

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