Tuesday, September 25, 2012

dumpster diving

We don't usually get into actual dumpsters, but we do work to prevent usable goods from going in there.

This week, the pigs have been eating a truck load of acorns. Friends who live in a neighborhood with many established trees collect their acorns and save for us. Rather than a landfill we get happy pigs!

We collect leftover bread, trimmings from vegetables, pulp from juicer bars and stale baked goods. All of it done with consent of the owner, packaged and coordinated for our retrieval times. Avoiding the landfill.

Close to us is a place that puts out furniture. Usually ugly, worn out, beat up. But many times still good. This piece will get new laminate on top, have a few pieces removed, painted and then into use on the farm.

We still go to stores. But less and less. Working to find other ways to get what we need...

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