Sunday, September 30, 2012


Grilling, eating, chatting. We started farming because we love to eat, and the food options we found did not do justice to what we wanted to eat. So having a few chickens turned into a full fledged farm, with year round meals generated right here.

It seems only appropriate to have a massive grill for cooking. Since smoking all of those different types and cuts of meats we grow seems like the best thing to do. Homer found the tank here and modified for just this use.

And summer is here and it is just too hot to use. Cool foods make better sense, slow and wam seems like what we are all living and there is no need to amplify with wood and charcoal.

But now it is cooler at night. Lovely during the day. Even the yellow jackets have slowed down a bit.

The grass grows high back here in the summer months. This spot on the farm was used for a PASA field day in July and then it all grew back. Bring in the pigs.

Homer sets them out there, rakes over what they tear up to even things out a bit, tidy up, and make that grill available again. I'm salivating thinking about what gets cooked there...

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