Tuesday, September 11, 2012

baby chicks and the law

Chickens are known as outlaws in many towns and cities across this great nation. Some areas have changed these types of laws after citizen work with them to demonstrate how beneficial laying hens can be.

Not so for today's visitor to the. The chicks they brought to their neighborhood garnered them fines, orders of immediate removal, angry neighbors and a police escort out of town with the chicks hastily packed into cartons and transported here.

Safely in a brooder, heat lights on them, we welcome this flock of future egg layers. They have no idea the ruckus they caused and were just happy to start scratching in the dirt. Worms were pulled from the ground and these little chicks devoured them.

Egg layers. Not certain how they pose a threat to a suburban neighborhood but we certainly welcome them here on the farm!

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