Saturday, September 1, 2012


Three times a day we eat, and some days more that that! Some meals are thrown together, others take hours of or in the stove. It is tough during the hot summer months to be inspired to cook as it is too warm to be cooking most things.

It has been cool enough at night to turn off the ceiling fans. And Claire is visiting, is a fantastic cook, and made the best meal last night!

Truly awesome: she looks around, figures out what is fresh and what combination will work, never asks "what do you want" but says "I'm thinking of making" and then does it. Fridays are busy here...most days are busy here, a meal is most welcome!

Chicken Picatta, where chicken is dredged in a bit of Yeehaw Farm flour, cooked in some homegrown butter, a bit of lemon juice and capers added to the hot pan...yum. Fresh tomatoes with basil and vinegar with it. Also some orzo with the left over sauce, all good!

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