Saturday, August 25, 2012


There is a measurement referred to as germination rate. It is the percentage of seeds that actually sprout in any given package of seeds...from the size of package at the local garden shop to the truckloads loaded into seeder on a big farm out west, the germination rate is critical to any grower.

Spacing is also critical. The goal is enough space for the finished plant to produce without being to crowed or overrun by weeds. It is a delicate balance and different for everything planted.

We grow year round. It is difficult to get seeds to germinate in the winter, and other growers have discovered that starting seeds now, allowing them to grow before winter hits allows for harvest all winter long. Last year we ate greens through the cold months, it was a delicious treat and not enough of it. So now beds are being cleared, short term seeds are going in many, and greens, carrots, beets, chervil and the like are going in.

The germination rate at this time of year is spectacular. The warm and sunny days, coupled with steady, not soaking water, means we get close to 100%. Just a few weeks ago it was so hot that watering in seeds was no where near as effective and the germination rate was about half. Except for the weeds, seems those can always fill in!

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