Sunday, August 19, 2012

demon dog

When we adopted the dog, she arrived with a clear warning. "Don't let anyone touch her". At 10 years old it is not likely this will change. Her other name is rattlesnake, because she will, if provoked, bite. And provoked means if you reach out to pet her.

Before she moved into our home, I read a book about the breed. Titled "Jack Russell: Canine Companion or Demon Dog", it described all the ways this breed can destroy what you own, out of sheer boredom or possibly spite.

The farm, and patrolling while searching for anything that does not belong here keeps her tired out. With both of us here most days she is rarely alone and destroys little.

Cute as can be, always on alert, she is a great addition to the farm. But if you try and touch her she will bite. It does not appear that she is going to change.

So cute! But don't stick your hand in there to pet her, you will get it!

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