Sunday, July 1, 2012

steady at it

We always joke that farmers have no holidays. Weekends, Sunday in particular, are still very busy for us.

Adding the destruction/construction of a space for a commercial kitchen has meant little time off in the last week. Getting the funk out took a bit of time, and now getting the parts in takes time too.

The walls had to be FRP, fiberglass reinforced panels. The floor must be easy to clean, and we opted for 12 inch by 12 inch tile, installed late yesterday. Now the thinset is supposed to cure for 24 hours, which means the room should sit untouched for that time.

Trim around the doors and windows. Triple sink, a hand wash sink, covered lights, freezers and fridge go in there. Storage, countertops, cooking equipment and gear follow.

No decorations allowed. Only signs about proper hand washing and dish washing are allowed. No pets ever. Photos of pets in your wallet only. Lucky for us we have a beautiful view. And Sunday might have a bit of rest in it. Or not.

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