Friday, July 13, 2012


When you were a kid, on your birthday, did you go through a paddlewheel? The kids lined up and you had to crawl through their spread legs as fast as you could while each one spanked you as many times as they could?

Today is my paddlewheel day. I have the good fortune to celebrate another birthday, another day to live a life on this pretty spot of earth with people I love. I might skip the paddlewheel as I think the smacks on the back side received when I was a kid appear to be working still...I am a lucky gal.

We used to celebrate our birthdays by pitching the massive family tent in the back yard and having a sleep over. That thing slept 8, had many poles, was made of canvas...and housed many sleepless nights of birthday celebrating. I'm sleeping in my comfy bed tonight! Glad to have it!

My father died at age 50. My mother lived to be older, but an extraordinarily unhealthy end of life for her. My grandmothers and great grandmothers passed away young, as did my fathers sister. My grandfather lived to his late 80's, my uncle is now in his late 80's and my other uncle died last year and was in his 90's! I feel lucky every day, and particularly on my birthday, to get to wake up to such a life.


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